Wednesday, October 28, 2009

J.E.B Stuart Raiders!

The Washingtonian has the start of a promising article about my alma mater available online. Why just the start? I don't know. I guess those 150 pages of ad revenue need some insulating from the Great Wilds of the Internets.

But at least they did include a neat little mini-documentary that they decided to share. The school seems to have somehow gotten a smidge more diverse since I graduated from it back in 1992. Back then, educators were saying that the demographics of Stuart were providing a window into how schools across the nation would look. I've got a buddy who is coaching football in the Twin Cities, and I think he'd agree that there are some minorities playing football now that he didn't see a whole of lot in his playing days. Which is cool--football is the new American past time and the New American past time, if you get me.

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Miwacar said...

That is cool. On my team we have kids from Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ojibwe Nation, and others. It truly is the national past time.