Wednesday, October 14, 2009

IDYFT Pick'em: Big Shoe, Little Shoe

Badcock Industries, LTD is always on the cutting edge of interactive yet compassionate sports pick'ems. This newest innovation is called Big Shoe, Little Shoe.

This improvement on the old "Shoe-in" places more emphasis on confidence. To whit: the Big Shoe is +2 points if right and -4 points if wrong. Now that's a big shoe!

The Little Shoe is worth +1 if right and -2 if wrong. Certainly, those are smaller shoes!

In the Week Five Surprise, Cincy shocked the world by beating the Ravens. The Bengals now own 1st place in the division. This upset perhaps wasn't so surprising, as it was predicted by nearly every pick'em participant. This week offers the deepest pool of mismatches in some long time. Such a deep pool could reveal hidden gold ... either upsets or shutouts.

In smelly shutout news, there has been a shut-out for three weeks straight, with 4 shutouts in 5 weeks overall. Chances are, there will be a shutout this week. Can you smell the shutout? +3/-1

1. MMMan: 16 points (this week +7)
2. Miwacar: 15 points (this week +7)
3. Big BM: 14 points (this week +5)
4. Jess: 10 points (this week +7)
5. Adw: 8 points (this week +5)
6. Garwood: 6 points
7. Barnyard: 4 points
leftnut: 4 points

Finally, Garwood & Barnyard: go back to the Bonus Question Round-Up for your last chance to plug in some long-range bonus predictions.

Week Six
1. Your Big Shoe-in? +2/-4
2. Your Little Shoe-in? +1/-2
3. Surprise! +3 Underdog list:
Detroit, Cleveland, Rams, Raiders, Titans, Buffaloaf

4. Do You Smell a Shutout? +3/-1
5. Your Favorite Team Wins/Most Disliked Loses +/-1
6. Clash of the Titans: +/-2
New York Giants at New Orleans Saints


Muumuuman said...

I'm assuming you knew New England was a disliked team from last week. I should have specified. anyway

4.No smelly
?Favorite team-Detroit wins!
5. Saints go marching in.

Barnyard said...

1. Green Bay
2. Pit
3. Rams
4. No particular odor. At least I cannot determine the origin.
5. NYG

I think I'm covered for the long-range bonus predictions.

Leftnut said...

1. New England
2. New York Jets
3. Raiders
4. Buffalo shut out
5. New York Football Giants

Andrew Wice said...

Crap I'm leotarded. For the second week in a row I forgot the IDYFT pick.

Jess said...

1. Philly
2. Pitt
3. Detroit
4. Probably, but I cannot determine the source of the stench.
5. Cards win.
6. Saints

Miwacar said...

1. Pitt
2. Atlanta
3. the Loaf
5. Vikes win
6. NYG

Andrew Wice said...

1. Big Shoe: Patriots
2. Lil Shoe: Eagles
3. Rams
4. Eagles shutout
5. Skins wins
6. Giants, unfortunately

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Going all in:

1. Drunken Savages
2. Panthers
3. Rams
4. I Do Not Smell A Shutout.
5. Skins win
6. SAINTS. Giants give up almost 5 yards a carry.