Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Fining Structure in the NFL

If you haven't listened to our 1.75 hour radio appearance on Fins Radio, then you don't know that one of the things we touched on was the questionable priorities demonstrated by the NFL via their fines.

Barnyard and I talked at length about the fact that fans have overlooked the small problems in the NFL because the product has been so good, but we both feel the NFL ownership is about to fuck things up. We also talked about the fact that the legend of the No Fun League has been around since the USFL, back in the early 80's.

Sports Illustrated illustrates the point well with a couple of fines from last week.

SI, in the Go Figure column from the November 2 issue had these two fines listed back to back:

$7500--Larry English was fined that much for a horse-collar tackle on October 19th.
$10,000--Chad Ochocino was fined that much for wearing a black chinstrap instead of a white one on Oct 18th.

So, to be clear--potentially career-ending tackle that has been illegal for a couple of years now is only 75% as bad as a slight costume change that no one would have noticed. That's NFL priorities, right there.

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