Tuesday, October 20, 2009

30 in 30: Who Killed the USFL

This is the first of the ESPN documentary series I've seen, but the first two were so well received by the only TV critics that matter (AV Club) that I set my DVR.

All in all, a pretty interesting hour of 1980's era football shenanigans.

Guess who the majority of USFL participants blame for the league folding after three years? I'll give you a hint. Donald Trump was involved in the USFL.

Guess who Donald Trump blames? Everyone else!

All in all, I'll recommend keeping an eye on this series. Next up--the horrific Ali vs. Holmes fight from 1980.


Jess said...

I watched some of this at the gym last night. Since there was no sound and I was too far away to read the closed captioning, my favorite part was the montage of touchdown celebrations.

Since I was creating my own soundtrack in my head, I imagined some dark, menacing march playing every time Trump was on screen.

Muumuuman said...

I'd like to point out that the Michigan Panthers won the USFL it's first season. In the second season, the Michigan Panthers lost in the Q-finals (the longest game in professional footbal history). Then, they merged with the Oakland Team (and moved to Oakland) and were the runner's up for the last season. Perhaps Detroit should change their name to the Michigan Panthers, just to screw with the folks from Carolina and perhaps have a winning season.