Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Shoes Step In Big Eagle Poo

Upsets from Buffaloaf and Oakburg gave us a new leader, while Philly's self-destruction landed some contestants in negative poo.

Two more shutouts this week, by the Patriots anItalicd Packers, remind us that big points are out there. And I offer this stick to accompany my carrot: Do You Smell a Shutout now has the variation that if there is a shutout in any game and you smelled nothing, you will lose a point. Picking a shutout will continue to be +3/-1, and is still not compulsory.

The Suprise! list is pretty short this week, so there are a couple bonus questions to noodle your noggin.

1. Miwacar: 17 points (this week +2)
2. MMMan: 16 points
3. Big BM: 14 points
4. Jess: 10 points
5. Adw: 8 points
6. Brnyrd: 6 points (this week +2)
Garwood: 6 points
7. lefnut: 4 points

Week Six
1. Your Big Shoe-in? +2/-4
2. Your Little Shoe-in? +1/-2
3. Surprise! +3 Underdog list:
St. Louis, Tampon Bay
4. Your Favorite Team Wins/Disliked Loses +/-1
5. Do You Smell A Shutout? +3/-1
6. Clash of the Titans +/- 2
Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers

Bonus Questions
7. Which head coach will be fired first? +7
8. Which of the winless teams (Rams, Bucs, Titans) will be the last to win? +3
9. Yes/No: Will There Be an Overtime Game this week? +1


Andrew Wice said...

1. Pats shoe
2. Colts horseshoe
3. Bucs?
4. Dallas loses
5. haha, no shutout this week suckers
6. Steelers

7. Coach Zorn, we hardly knew you
8. Rams will be 0-all
9. Yes OT this week

Muumuuman said...

I don't have the rest of my picks, but I suspect Zorn may be getting fired right now so I'll put him for #7.

Muumuuman said...

1. Indy
2. New England
3. St. Louis
4. Dallas Loose
5. No
6. Minnesota
7. Zorn
8. Whoever plays Washington last - wait I mean Tampa Bay.
9. Yes, OT.

Muumuuman said...

Now I'm confused about the smelly. It seems to be:
1.If I do not say anything, it's zero either way.
2.If I say no shut out, and there is a shut out I loose one; if there is not a shut out I gain zero.
3.If I pick a shutout and it's the wrong one, I also loose one.

Therefore, I now leave 5 blank, since it is not compulsory.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

muumuuman,you are a real live scientician well into his 4th decade on the planet. please learn the difference between lose and loose.

Muumuuman said...

Me fail English? That's unpossible.

Miwacar said...

Este es un protesto formal, hay demasiado preguntas "bonus". Es como un circus. Al final, no me importa, vamos a comencar.

1. Pats
3. Rams
7. zorn (who deserves it more than he?)

8. Bucs
9. Yes (quite a few good match ups)

Barnyard said...

1. Colts
2. Patriots
3. Bucs
4. Pack Wins
5. Sure, what the fuck.
6. Steelers

7. Steve Spagnuolo
8. No

Barnyard said...

I forgot #8 - Rams.

Jess said...

1. Colts
2. Packers
3. TB
4. Cards win.
5. Nope.
6. Steelers
7. Spagnuolo
8. Rams
9. No.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

1. Eagles
2. Packers
3. St. Louis
4. dallas loses
5. 2 in a week was weird. No shutout this week.
6. Steelers.

7. That fat coach. You know the one I mean. That Fat One. Fine, Wade Phillips.

8. Rams
9. No, No OT this week.