Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wanna Bet, It's Brett?

As much as I like Sage Rosenfels and Travis Johnson a.k.a "Tavaris Jackson", I think I am now in a place where I would welcome Brett Favre into the purple that is all sexy sounding.

As a lifelong Vikings fan, I have HATED the sight of Brett Favre dropping back ready to tear our secondary to shreds; unless of course the drop back resulted in a bone-crushing sack by John Randle or Kevin Williams. Favre made life miserable for me for so long, that last year when the word was going 'round that he might become a Viking I wasn't real big on the idea. But after suffering through another year of sub-par quarterback play on a team that has the pieces to vie for a championship (or a Superbowl loss), I have now come to terms with the idea of a declining Favre playing for my team.

The presence of a "wily ve-ter-an" to quote Trent Tucker, at the QB position could do a lot for a team that is pretty good in all aspects of the game. He would have a better line and running game than he did at NY last season. The receiving crew isn't as good, or at least unproven, I mean who have they had throwing to them over the last several years? Perhaps, a Favre addition could help lure a wr to the team too. Boldin I'm looking at you.

The irony, or poetic justice, depending on your perspective, is not lost on me. In fact, I find that part of it the most intriguing. "Stretch Alert" I mean imagine a Vikings team that finally wins a Superbowl--Skol!--being led by a grey-beard version of Brett Favre. It is delicious mu-ha-ha-ha!

P.S.- I don't really like TJack or Sage all that much.


Jess said...

Vikings: "What are your reasons for wanting to play for the Vikings?"

Favre's Brain: "Don't say revenge! Don't say revenge!"

Favre: "Revenge?"

Favre's Brain: "That's it. I'm gettin' outta here."

Muumuuman said...

Do you think the announcers will change from their usual "He looks like a kid out there!" to "He looks like a vengeful old codger out there!"

Jess said...

If Favre does come back, will Madden unretire as well?

Despite looking like a penis, I don't think Collinsworth can verbally fellate Favre quite they way Madden did. Quite frankly, I doubt anyone can.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Jess, that was a very nicely used Simpsons quotation, bent to your own diabolical purposes.

Maybe Madden will stay retired, but there will be an extra bus on the Viking roadtrips.

Price per player said...

Don't you think Favre has had enough already?

I certainly do, I'm kind of sick of seeing his face, mostly eating grass all of the time.

Price per head said...

He is great, but he needs to just be DONE.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

If nothing else, Favre guarantees that the first six games or so will be sellouts. The Vikings flirted with blackouts last year, even as they were in the playoff hunt.

No way the Metrodome isn't sold old for the first month or two of the season.

If it works, it will continue to sell out. If it doesn't work, you will see how bitchy Vikings fans can be.