Monday, May 18, 2009

Do You Enjoy Puns Based On Soda Brands?

If you do enjoy puns based on sodas, then did Chris Berman deliver the goods in the top of the 8th inning of the Yankees-Twins tilt.  

Yankees left-handed reliever Phil Coke (get it?  COKE!  COKE! ) came in to pitch to one guy--Justin Morneau.   From the time Coke walked onto to the field to the time he left after retiring Morneau (again, one guy) Chris Berman referenced Coca-Cola products enough times to make you wonder whether he is on retainer.

This included:  
-A reference to rum and coke (where they came from, aside from Berman's id, I'm unsure)
-A reminder that Coke is preferably served cold.  "Can't drink that stuff warm," Berman opined.  "No," agreed Orel Hersheiser.  Scintillating! 
-As Coke was walking in, Berman asked, "But will it be a Coke Zero?"  (Huh?)  
-After getting Morneau out, Berman exclaimed, "A Coke Classic!"

What, no jokes about smelting iron ore?

Unfortunately, Phil Coke came back out for the 9th, and Berman had blown his wad of references from the Coke family of products.  


Jess said...

That's what you get for watching the game on ESPN. I realized it was also on FSN shortly after Berman made some lame pun about Denard Span playing each of the outfield positions -- spanning the field, if you will.

Hershiser actually complimented him on that one.

Andrew Wice said...

Well now, that is clever.