Friday, May 08, 2009

The New Orleans Saints Are (reportedly) Idiots

How else to explain the Saint Brain Trust ("The Saint Braint") and their interest in Edgerrin James?

They need a complement to Reggie Bush?  They have one, in Pierre Thomas, who rushed for more yards per carry in 2008 than The Edge has in the past 3 years.  

I don't understand why teams refuse to employ the weapons that served them well.  Why is New Orleans worried about running back?  Between Reggie and Pierre, they've got one of the most dynamic, flexible backfields in the nation.  And they think Edge James, who was beat out by a rookie and a draft pick in Arizona can help them?  How?  His 2.5 yards per carry is really awesome, until you notice that Pierre Thomas, with over 100 carries, averaged almost double that.

New Orleans, you have the Backfield You Are Looking For.


The Black Freighter said...

If I remember correctly, isn't Pierre Thomas on your fantasy football team? Edge does not approve of your vested interest.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I should have stated by potential conflict. Yes, Pierre Thomas will be my "D" keeper in my Fantasy Football League (I'm bringing back a potential devastating 4 keepers, with one spot left to fill--Tony Gonzalez, Larry Fitzgerald, Pierre Thomas, and Michael Turner.

I never, ever thought I'd have two Falcons on my team.

my last spot is either going to Joe Addai, Santana Moss, or Joe Flacco.

Andrew Wice said...

Fantasy Football? Shut the fuck up.

As far as real football goes, it seems pretty obvious that the offense and special teams of the NO Saints have been strong enough to even (sometimes) make the playoffs over the last three years.

What's wrong with the club is defense, most especially pass defense.

Incredibly enough, adding a high priced over-the-hill RB won't improve the pass defense. Anyone remember the best LB corps in the NFL? Sam Hill, Vaughan Johnson ... can you fill in the rest?

Sadly enough, the rest of the team sucked ...

Muumuuman said...

The Saints are not to idiots. I'd say the top idiot is the team that traded their quarterback who just set a team record for passing yards for Kyle Orton. Now that's stupid.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Andy--sorry Andrew--

I know that you hate everything that is fun and wonderful in life, and thus you have to hate Fantasy Football, but you see how my own fantasy team led to some clear-eyed analysis of the dumbassery going on in New Orleans.

Because I know what Pierre Thomas did when given a chance. And I know that over 100 carries, and still carrying a 4.8 yards per carry average is quite good, especially when you figure in the goal line runs, which are, by definition, no longer than a yard or so.

I knew this BECAUSE of Fantasy Football. I knew that Tony Gonzalez had one of his best seasons ever, and that therefore, maybe KC shouldn't be so quick to pencil Tyler Thigpen in as #2.

I know that Washington desperately needs one of their young receivers to step up (and it will most likely be Devan Thomas) because I had both Jason Campbell and Santana Moss on my Fantasy team (OK, that example is bogus. I would have known about that regardless).