Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lakers Vs. Magic

I was wrong when I said this:

"In all the NFL Draft hype and NBA Playoffs hype (which we haven't covered at all, because not a one of us seem to be able to care when we all know that the Final is about 90% certain to be Cleveland vs Lakers, with the Lakers winning in 7)"

Now, it will be Lakers over Magic in no more than 6 games. Big Fucking Yawn. If the Magic win this Final, I'll admit that Unitarianism is the One True Religion.

Howard has enjoyed playing against a guy about his size with 1/4 his mobility--guarded by Bynum and Gasol (and more importantly, having to guard them on defense) is going to find his fun ride over. And Kobe, and much as I hate the guy, is going to destroy the Magic's defensive schemes.

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Jess said...

ESPN needs to get rid of that tiny little tab at the bottom of the screen with the Finals info. Is it really necessary to keep it up during commercials?

Also, just because: Fuck you, Kobe!