Thursday, May 28, 2009

Champions League Final Is Like the Super Bowl of Soccer

Dear ESPN:

When you call The UEFA Champions League Final "The Super Bowl of European Soccer", you sound pretty fucking stupid.  I'm not saying you are stupid.  You probably are, but I'm not saying that you are.  

Don't do us any favors, and dumb down soccer coverage so the guys who are waiting for NBA Semi-Finals coverage won't turn the channel.   Hey, you know what The UEFA Champions League Final is like?  It is like the final of the Biggest, Most Watched Tournament In Europe.

Or you could say, "Imagine that Canada and Mexico both had Professional Football Leagues as respected and tough as the NFL.  Imagine they had had those leagues for a hundred years.  Imagine that players of American extraction moved to Mexico or Canada not because of old tired knees, or because of Pot Smoking Troubles, but because the money was better.  Imagine that Adrian Peterson was playing for The Mexico City Mayans.  Then imagine that throughout the year, weekends were held in reserve for the Top 4 Teams from each country to play in a 6-month long tournament.  Imagine that Final Game.  That's the Champion's League Final."

I love the Super Bowl, but last time I checked, it doesn't cross international borders.  And most of the players are from the US.  

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