Friday, May 15, 2009

Pros Vs. Joes: The Interview: Nafie Pollard

You may or may not remember Nafie Pollard from the second episode of this season's Pros vs. Joes.  Actually, the only way you don't remember him is if you didn't watch the episode.  As I wrote previously, Nafie is the guy who looked like just a huge, crazy motherfucker, until Simeon Rice walked out, and was clearly more huge, and maybe crazier.  Nafie was awesome.  He got into it with Rice, and when Rice piledrived him, Nafie jumped up, laughing and yelling.  AWESOME.

Here's one way to meet Nafie--you can watch his compilation audition video.  You will learn that he is a big man, with access to what should be a rooftop Miniature Golf Course, but has instead become just a place for Nafie to run suicides.  Waste of rooftop, Mr. Pollard.

Here's the other way to meet him--via our interview.  Interview begins....NOW:

First of all--I thought I'd get a bit more of an idea of your background--high school/college.  Were you focused exclusively on football, or did you play other sports as well?  

I am a 25 year old Fitness Trainer at Pollard Fitness.  I'm from MA but now in reside in NY.

I played football and b-ball in high school. Went to prep school (Bridgton Academy) where I played football.   After graduating  I got recruited to go to some big schools out of Dean Junior College. I then went on to go to Marshall University.  I left MU because I was a unfoucsed party animal. I then went on to Fitchburg State College in MA where I helped take the first conference title.

Our blog talks alot about being fans of particular teams (and disliking certain teams).  What were your childhood favorite teams and favorite players?  Anyone you just couldn't stand, or can't stand now?   

Growing up I loooved Barry Sanders, for all the obvious reasons:  alertness, speed, strength, and style. He was not a huge guy but he had skill and poise during the chaos of guys twice his size trying to pop his head off--Mike Vick is the next best impact player I admire. Ricky Willams in college was a God to me. Ray Lewis is a machine! 

I also have a few questions about the new format of Pros vs. Joes.  Did you know going in that they were going to fiddle around with the format as much as they did?  When did you know you were going to be doing nothing but football?  Were you happy about it, or did you want to be doing other sports, too?

Believe it or not but I never even watched a full episode of PVJ until now, because I thought the format was kinda wack and onesided. I felt that if the Joes were required to be multisport competitors then the pros should be as well in some sort of way. The Joes were actually more interesting to watch than the
Pros because I looked as if with practice they themselves could become a Pro.

(Big Blue Monkey note:  Please see Season 1, where they made Clyde Drexler ice skate.  Still my favorite moment of the entire series)

How did you feel about the Team aspect of it?  

Key and collin are really cool down to Earth guys. It was an honor to play with them. We all had butterflies from being in proximity to our idols but we still kick ass and had a blast! Key was talking alot of trash to get us pumped up and it was working. I love that guy, very funny.

Now, of course, I gotta ask you about that exchange with Simeon Rice.  When you were first introduced, I thought, "Damn, this show isn't fucking around anymore--that's a big Joe right there.  And then Simeon Rice came out, and it really drove home how big he is.

So, when you two were wrestling, was there a moment when you thought, "Whoa, this dude is strong."  I know you are a professional trainer, so you are used to working with strong people, but was Rice like anyone else in your experience?

The Simeon Rice head drop: Yes! I started the scuffle when I hip tossed Rice and simply put, I got picked up
and dropped on my fuckin dome piece!!! HAHAHA Sooo awesome I love Rice. He is cool and loves the game. He is the Real Deal.

Notice however, after the head drop I got up laughed at him and then proceeded to run by him the next play with a sweet spin move. I knew that he was thinking "What the Fuck, how did he get up from that and I can't believe that im being laughed at by this punk..."

The editing made it seem like I was down for the count and hushed afterwards but in fact I went on to make
more plays and kept up the shit talking.

Given the chance, would you like to go again on PvJ?

I'd love to do something like that again. I'm glad to know that America was entertained. Rice, McNair, and Brown are class acts. It was a pleasure!

Thanks to Nafie, for taking the time to discuss PvJ with us!

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Andrew Wice said...

Good interview. Nafie seems like a stand-up guy.