Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Twins Check-In

It was just a post ago that I said, "We can expect the bullpen (Guerrier, Neshek (The Sub-Mariner!) and Twitchy Joe Nathan to stay really good." In the last two games, Guerrier, Neshek and Jesse Crain (ugh) have all contributed to the Resurgence of the Detroit Tigers, giving away Twins leads in late innings. The mighty Twins bullpen, their one guaranteed strength going into the season, gave away two wins in Detroit.

So tonight, when the Twins were continually behind the hapless Devil Food Cake Rays, and barely managing to tie the game, I think I can be forgiven for turning away. I forgot all about Carl Crawford! I'm not convinced that he isn't a Twins Double Agent. Recall if you will, last year. But because I turned away, I can't describe his bone-daddy move this time around myself. I have to go to beat writer La Velle Neal III's description:

It was an excellent catch. Tampa Bay outfielder Carl Crawford showed off his tremendous speed and fearlessness as he slid into foul territory to grab Mike Lamb's fly ball in the eighth inning.

It was also the wrong play, as Delmon Young tagged up from third and easily scored the winning run in the Twins' 6-5 victory over the Rays on Wednesday night at the Metrodome.

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Andrew Wice said...

Sounds like Crawford has been learning from Brett Favre: it's like having a coach on the field.