Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh, Katherine Kersten, you so Stupid

I think I could almost start an entire blog based on the above Blog Post Title.

But I'd like to focus on this one, from a few days ago, when Kersten opined that Obama voicing the anger, desperation, and yes, bitterness that many lower-middle class voters are feeling had lost the vote of angry, desperate, bitter Pennsylvanians.

Kersten wrote, "I suspect that Barrack Obama has just given the speech that will ensure his quick admittance to a club that includes John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale."

The polls suggest something else. But never doubt that Kersten has her fingers on the pulse of the working class. After all, the housing crisis can be boiled down, in her words, to "ill-advised mortgages." Ill-advised? Have you talked to anyone who is going through this, Kersten? Many of them were flat-out lied to. By their mortgage broker! If you are getting bad advice from the real estate expert who you think you hired to give you good advice, are you really to blame? How about penalties for homeowners who made their mortage payments AHEAD of schedule? She dismisses caring about the crisis as pandering to potential voters.

The chattering class of right-leaning pundits may gawp and gape at the success of Obama, but the fact is that when he talked about bitterness, many Pennsylvanians agreed with him. At least he was talking about, directly, the effect of the siphon of wealth this country is experiencing. People may not believe any candidate can do anything about the massive wealth disparity in this country, but they don't seem to fault Obama for pointing it out.

Katherine Kersten is too old, too comfortable and too stupid to realize that the country is undergoing a seachange. Don't worry, Katherine, you'll still have a good job in a dying medium when Obama destroys your candidate in the General Election.

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Lucy Rhode said...

This is why we were friends. I miss this side of you. Have you read about the xia social type? New to me, but your big brain always surprised me. I'll send you a link to a smarty pants blog that I suspect you'll enjoy. Obama is a xia. I'm a xia. You might be too.