Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Dislike Your Favorite Team Bracket Update

With my predictions coming true (though, for some reason, my IDYFT bracket is one of the only brackets I filled that doesn't have Memphis and Kansas in the final game. Guh.) we can now look at who will win the IDYFT Bracket Challenge.

If Kansas wins, our Top 3 shake out like this:

Ava's Avengers (aaron s)
Walkin' Like a Panther (tomije007)
Hey (Rodney W)

The only person I can identify with any certainty there is Rodney W, manager of "Hey", who is of course a former Pro vs. Joe.

If Memphis wins, our Top 3 are:

TKO from Tokyo (hoopscardillo)
The Round Hound of Rebound (seb)
Ava's Avengers (aaron s, again)

So congrats to Aaron S' Ava's Avengers who are definitely walking away with something. I have no idea who seb is, but I know he is playing an ungodly amount of Yahoo fantasy. hoopscardillo, I have to assume is the owner and manager of one of the finest soccer blogs around, That's on Point. I could be wrong about that ID, but I'm quite correct about that blog's quality. I'd read it, if I were you. It's a fuckin' corker, mate.

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