Monday, April 07, 2008

Murder at the Foul Line

Calipari's Memphis Tigers made it to the NCAA Finals before they finally tripped over the foul line. In the regular season, the one-loss Tigers ranked 339th of 341 in free throws. All season long, Calipari assured the press that his team would make the free throws that mattered.

Perhaps the Tigers, by plowing through lackluster competition and too far ahead to even be fouled in the last five minutes, didn't think free throws mattered next to their aggressive defense and charging offense. Their foul shots whistled in during the tournament, all the way to the Final Four.

I was clapping so hard my hands burned as the Tigers clanked 4 of 5 in the last 1:12, including the front end of 1-and-1's twice. Then Chalmers nailed a tough three-pointer with two seconds left, one of the greatest shots in Finals history to send it to overtime. Kansas coach Bill Self called it "the biggest shot ever made in Kansas history."

You see, free throws are about all I have left. But I make them. Oh, and Kansas? Their free throws were 14 for 15 in the championship game.

In unrelated news, I will be appearing on local Albuquerque channel 27 on Wednesday, April 23rd at 7pm MST to promote my novel To The Last Drop. It will be available on a Live Stream!


Lucy Rhode said...

Just ordered your book. It should arrive before my first camping trip of the season. When out in nature, we love to study the Holy Bible. We pray in tongues. Dance in the spirit. I hope our holy father will forgive me for reading To the Last Drop.

Andrew Wice said...


You are now the #1 fan of To The Last Drop in the world. Congratulations. It's an honor, but a responsibility as well. When I can figure out what they could possibly mean I'll let you know.

Yes children, you can now pre-order the novel. To make it easy, here's the link.