Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blogger Round-Up: It's Been Awhile

We used to round up bloggers every Saturday, mainly as a way of generating good will within and without the blogosphere, and then we got fat and lazy (we may have been fat and lazy previous to the dropping of regular blogger round-ups). But we are back and committed, and hot damn! And stuff.

In our very most recent post, we mentioned in passing the brilliance of That's On Point when it comes to soccer. To prove the point of questionable brilliance, cardillo over at T'sOP watched the first Thursday night MLS double-header on ESPN, and he has some thoughts. (Included in that is of course David Beckham's first goal in the MLS, and a potentially deadly drinking game. I mention that because I know most of our readership are either drunkards or sluts for Beckham, or both).

Our friends over at the Big Picture say that if you are looking for a young baseball team to get excited about, think about the Cincinnati Reds. We say: Maurer, Morneau, Cuddyer, Delmon Young, Carlos Gomez. We'll stick with our Twins, and our second choice, The Brew Crew.

Rumors and Rants has a rather uncomfy story about a Pittany Lion basketballer jerkin' it in a library. Hey, I'm all for pulling a Squid and the Whale action in the biblioteque, but don't do it right behind the chick you were working on in the stacks. Find the nerdy chick who works there, and have her take off her glasses and throw her hair around. That sort of stuff happens in libraries, if you know how to play your cards.

My boys at The Loss Column have set a new low in Baltimore Oriole fandom. They include in their Modest Goals the following "goal"--less than 100 losses. Here's my modest goal--someone blackmails the fuck out of Angelos, and that team gets handed on the cheap to some other owner who knows who to stay the fuck out of the day to day, and knows when to pay for quality, so that the O's don't let a pitcher like Bedard get away for nothing ever again. Honestly--compare what the Twins got for Santana to what the O's got for Bedard, and it is becomes more and more clear that the O's either didn't know what they had, or they didn't know how to make other teams realize what they were getting. If you are getting dicked around, re-sign the guy. Bah, Orioles Leadership, BAH! (I'm much more of Twins guy these days, but it still bothers me that is has been 25 years since the Orioles tasted real post-season magic)

From the Ladies, we just love Lady Andrea. We'd like to take her behind the junior high and get her pregnant. Thank you, Lady Andrea.

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