Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogger Round Up: Minnesota Edition

A blogger round up of Minnesota blogs, but we promise it will be without a single mention of the Vikings pursuit of Jared Allen, mainly because everyone is talking about that, and it probably won't happen. The man has multiple suitors, and the Vikings rarely win that kind of battle (Steve Hutchinson aside).

While we all await the NFL Draft, and the Champions League to start up again, here are what we Minnesotans are talking about on our blogs and the like and stuff.

Pacifist Viking is watching NBA playoffs. (So, you can be a Pacifist and a Masochist at the same time. Interesting). He thinks he sees a pattern to be announced in the Spurs/Suns tilt that bodes well for the Spurs. If the Suns hadn't traded for Shaq, we would try to find a way to fault his logic. With Shaq, we now don't particularly care for the Suns, and no longer care who wins this series, and we think PV is probably right.

10,000 Takes is broadening their media supremacy by getting other Sports dudes in the Twin Cities to answer their odd, odd questions, and letting their readership guess the identity of the responder. This week's question involves a genie in a bathroom trough at the Metrodome. I shit you not. Based on the answer, I'm going to say the responder is Michael Rand. That answer has Rand Ball stank all over it. I would have locked that guess in, but the commenting at 10,000 Takes seems a little screwy at the moment.

Both The City Pages and The Rake genius sportswriters are discussing the apparent redundancy in the backcourt of the Wolves--If Foye and McCants both demand to be the backcourt star, should the Wolves move one of them? The answer to that question echoes throughout the line-up, of course, as it impacts the draft decisions, in a decidedly swingman heavy draft. And you best recognize Britt Robson's choices for post season honors.

The Ladies have a New Lady, from our own wonderful city. She, representing St. Paul, is, of course, an older lawyer lady with four kids. We here in St. Paul don't get out much anymore. All the same, we welcome Cinnamon Girl to the Blogosphere, and offer our help to jigger her router if the need arises.

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