Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scott Erickson: Movie Mogul

I mentioned previously that I turned away from the Twin's game at some key junctures.

One of those junctures was the fifth inning, when I came back to hear a clearly old guy in the box with Dick and Bert. I didn't see him, and he was unidentified for awhile. But he was clearly, clearly old--his voice just sounded beat down, mid-American old guy. "Bitter" some future Black President might call it. This old guy was talking about a movie, identified on screen as A Plumm Summer.

At first, I thought it might be someone truly old, like Harmon Killebrew, or old and bitter, like Bud Grant. But then, I learned he was part of the Twins 1991 World Series winning squad. And I was lost. The mystery voice even said that he was playing in 2001 but still made it to the 10th year reunion of the 1991 World Series. He mentioned he was playing for the Orioles at the time. I got a little queasy, and suddenly knew we were talking about just 40 years old Scott Erickson.

His new movie is a family movie, with such luminaries as Willy Baldwin, Clint Howard, Brenda Strong, Henry Winkler, Jeff Daniels, and (um) Lisa Guerrero. On the Twins broadcast, he was promising that at the premiere, members of Toto would should up. And maybe Chili Davis, and maybe even Kent Hrbek. Awesome!

Good thing Scott Erickson was never busted for statutory rape, or the idea of his family movie might strike some as a bit incongrous.

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Jess said...

Scott Erickson's voice is totally annoying.

I totally figured out it was Erickson when they mentioned him playing for the Orioles, too. And then of course, they put the "Voice of" thing at the bottom of the screen. Way to be on the ball, FSN. I have to step away from the game for a few minutes to take a shower and I come back and I'm completely lost for like, 10 minutes. I'm on the verge of making phone calls because I MUST KNOW who Dick-n-Bert are talking to about this stupid movie.