Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slow Down, Overly Excitable Viking Crew!

By now, we've all been alerted that the Vikings spent a lot of money and a couple of draft picks to get Jared Allen away from the Chiefs. Allen was unhappy in KC, and who can blame him? It was a losing team, going in the wrong direction, and the franchise was in Kansas City.

The details of the deal are available here--short version: The Vikings give up picks, and spend a lot of money to get a passrusher who has issues in his past, but sacked the QB 15 times last year. The Vikings have a premier pass rusher! Ignore, if you will, the hilarity of a Sportswriter suggesting that a pro athlete has a drinking problem (have you seen these guys in the Twin Cities? I wouldn't let Reusse drive fucking roller skates.)

But to me, at least, this headline is Hilarious: Title Talk Starts in Winter Park.

Really? A great Defensive End was all that was holding back the Vikings? I'm sorry--also Bernard Berrian, who never racked up 1000 yards as the speedster on the team that did actually make some post-season damage, is now going to be the #1 receiver and make this offense really click?

Patrick Reusse, even whilst drunk, is of two minds. Allen is great, he says, and the Vikings should make the playoffs. But they might not, and if they don't, it is Childress' fault. I agree, but for different reasons. The offense is still horribly one dimensional, and I don't think it is all Tavaris Jackson's fault. Spending big money on Berrian was hilariously misguided. The Vikings are one Adrian Peterson ankle roll (missing 2 games) from being 7-9.

But never mind the offense--let's talk about the defense! Which wasn't the problem last year, anyway. Sid Hartman, old, poor, befuddled Sid Hartman says the Defensive Coaches like having Allen. Kevin "reporter" Seifert says that the Vikings might have the Best Defensive Line in the League.

They are, in Vikings-Land, seriously thinking that they have the best team in the NFC North, because they added a pass-rusher, who was playing for a team that was always losing, in a division where the rivals like to pour on the score. If the Vikings win a playoff game, I'll give $500 to a charity of miwacar's choice.

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Muumuuman said...

I heard the Vikings are gonna fix the QB position by giving Brad Johnson another shot.