Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sheer Brilliance

Far be it from me to tell you that you are wasting your life. But clearly, you might be. You're reading this, after all. So, in the furtherance of wasting said life, I strongly recommend you pay a visit to Garfield minus Garfield, a website that imagines American history without the steadying influence of the four month Presidency of James Garfield.

That's not really what it is about.
Garfield minus Garfield strips away Garfield, showing Jon Arbuckle to be a potentially dangerous menace to himself and others, if he ever overcomes his crippling ennui. Was Arbuckle less dangerous or more stable when he was being bested in conversation by his cat? The difference in actual sanity is negligible. We are seeing the essence of Arbuckle in these new exciting versions of Garfield. From tired hack cartoons to exciting exploration of 21st century nihlistic existentialism, all by removing a stupid overweight cat who thinks he's people.
A quick sample:

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Jess said...

No Garfield = no lasagna?