Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Praise of: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and Iron Fist

Miwacar and I were playing video games the other day, I mentioned in passing the genius of Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth. Miwacar knows his classic hip-hop--The De La, the Enemy of Public, etc. But he gave me a blank look when it came to Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth. And that frightened me a bit. Pete Rock is one of the finest crate-diggin' producers, and C.L. had a nice flow. They should not be forgotten for their work as a duo. So, if you never heard of them, enjoy their biggest hit, "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)". Fellow white folks, please notice that some of the truth telling happens in Barber shops, just like Barack said it does.

The connection between hip-hop and kung-fu used to be tenuous, until the Wu-Tang happened. I guarantee you that some of those fuckers loved the original Iron Fist from Marvel Comics. Iron Fist was partnered with one of Marvel's first black heroes, Power Man, or Luke Cage. The New Iron Fist ("The Immortal Iron Fist") written by Ed "I killed Captain American" Brubaker and Matt Fraction has been a brilliantly fun run. But the guy who makes the book run is artist David Aja. Look at this self-described Aja sketch.

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