Thursday, March 06, 2008

Favre vs. Randle Philosophy

With Favre retiring, and dumbasses naming their twins after him, and John Randle appearing on PvJ, it seems only right to bring this commercial back. Remember, and enjoy, before the PETA fucked up everything. After the video, our imagined critical looks at the video.

Gloria Steinem: Why is the only woman in this commercial selling clothing?
Thorsten Velben: Why is the chicken worth catching only when's he's wearing clothing?
Carl Orff: Why is my music, and the lyrics of monks, being used to celebrate a crazy man chasing a chicken?
The Buddha: Why chase after your desires? That only leads to suffering. Sit, wait, the chicken will come to you.
Leon Trotsky: Give that bird a gun, and let's see who chases who.
Albert Camus: We are all chickens on the grill eventually; enjoy the chase as best you can.


Miwacar said...

Sigmund Freud: The chicken is a conscious representation of John's mother's phallic desires for her own son.

Me gusta muchisimo John Randall. Yo fui muy triste cuando el se fue de los Vikings.

Muumuuman said...

I thought it meant that Randle thought about Favre whilst choking his chicken.

Lucy Rhode said...

That chicken thing is sort of fun.