Friday, March 07, 2008

Favre retires, NFC North loses only QB

Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, Jon Kitna, Tarvaris Jackson, Boobs Bollinger, Aaron Rogers. Now that's a list of QBs to be reckoned with for sure. Here's some combined stats:
TDs: 36; INTs: 42. Sweet!

QB rating? 76!
Note: remove Kitna, and the QB rating DROPS to 71. Yes, remove Kitna and the QB rating drops. I'm serious. Kitna. Some context, Miami's team QB rating for last year was 70, the Raiders 71, and the Bills 74.

13 fumbles lost.

8,259 yards (4068 from Kitna).

6.8 yards/attempt
Some context - Josh McGown had 6.1 Y/A, Cleo Lemon 5.7, Romo 8.1, Brady 8.3.

135 sacks (not including GB with 19)
This yields an average sack/attempt of 8.5% (Raiders, 9.0%) .

It seems like a cruel joke, but it is true. There is a faint ray of hope as Aaron Rogers did do well in his appearances last year (QB rating 106); however, he is largely untested and we can only hope he is to Favre as Steve Young is to Joe Montana. Oh but wait, the NFC North teams have excellent ground games, right?. For the Vikings this is true (congrats, #1!), but Chicago and Detroit ranked 31st and 30th, and even Green Bay finished in at 21st just above the mighty Texans. Well, strong defence has always been the hallmark of the NFC North, right? Indeedy, with Detroit ranking dead last, Chicago 28th, Vikings 20th, and Green Bay 11th. Will Devon Hester and Purple Jesus be the only NFC North players to get replay time on ESPN? Now come on NFC North! The whole division appears to be turning into the Lions!

Yes, the Lions. Here's a fun game: think of an NFL team, then think of a quality QB that played on that team off the top of your head. Green Bay: Fave, Starr. Chicago: McMahon. Vikings, Fran. Lions.....?????? hmmmm shit, even the Saints had Manning and the Browns Otto Graham! I'm drawing a blank here! The only other team that draws a blank is the Texans. That is sad.


Big Blue Monkey said...

Barry Sanders comes to mind, Muumuuman.

Big Blue Monkey said...

also Herman Moore, and that one QB. Scott Mitchell?

Muumuuman said...

I clearly defined the game as "think of a quality QB". To my knowledge, neither Barry Sanders nor Herman Moore were QBs. Scott Mitchell was a Lions QB, but I wouldn't define him as quality or very memorable.