Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Neshek Goes Vegan/Veggie & Free Range Babies

Pat Neshek, or as we call him here in these parts, THE SUB-MARINER, done got written up for his new "lifestyle" change.

Neshek is now a full-on super vegetarian, and practically a vegan. This is fine by us; we don't really care, though we were a little distressed/disgusted to learn of old Neshek's eating habits ("pound down seven Whopper Jrs"). His wife has got him eating super-healthy, and he thinks it will help him stay strong all year long.

Pitching coach Rich Anderson seems to think the wearing down last year had more to do with Neshek not doing his in-season strength maintenance training:

"I asked him, 'Are you doing your arm strength maintenance?' " Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson said. "He said, 'Well, the more I throw, the better it will be.' I said, 'You have to do your arm strength maintenance with your tubing and your light weights and manual resistance.' He got away from all of that. That's not right."

Regardless, the highlight of the article are the Star Tribune's reader comments. A sampling of favorites:

Give me a break. He won't eat meat or any animal by-products? You think he's a scrawny little runt now, wait until his protein starved muscles start shrinking mid-season. Who ever said you can't eat meat AND be healthy? Vegans have horrible body odor too and their poop is green. Stupid is as stupid does.--Kimdana

That's my main thing.. Vegans think they're so precious and special that we have to hear about how superior their diet is and how much better they feel ever since they saw a video of a cow butchered and decided to only eat carrots and grass. Neshek said on his blog he wasn't going to be preachy about his diet and people can do what they want, but here it is flaunted in everyone's face about how much better you'd be if you too were a Vegan. These Vegans are only a step below the scientologist whackjobs.--secondeye

Yep...the Twins are going to open the first all vegan ballpark in 2010..Tofu hotdogs, wheatgrass juice instead of beer, salads everywhere, love and peace to all. No more national anthem baby...just hold hands and fell the love during Lennon's "Imagine"....--trunkpk

(and of course, my absolute favorite, which comes from a user who apparently thinks we eat factory fed babies, when we should be eating free range babies)

If only we cared as much about the inhumane treatment of babies through abortion as we did animals.--mart1423


Jess said...

Free-range babies are happier and everyone knows that happier babies taste better.

Andrew Wice said...

My computer has completely fucking crashed. I am using a borrowed unstable laptop. If you've been wondering...

By way of return, I would like to point out that all of the babies eaten during the writing of my novel TO THE LAST DROP were free range and hormone free. You really can taste the difference.

Lucy Rhode said...

Your absence was noticed. Too bad a shitty machine is the reason.

Lucy Rhode said...

And his absence persists. Since Wice is a frequent contributor, Big BM ought to pop for a new laptop. Do it for your fans, Big BM!