Friday, March 07, 2008

Garrison Keiller is correct, Minnesotans are above average

Since I have lived in Minnesota for many years and traveled around a bit I can say that the people in Minnesota are indeed, as Keiller states every Sunday, above average. The people in Minnesota have exploited a loophole in the no smoking law. According to the law, you may smoke indoors if the smoking is part of a theatrical performance (this loophole exists in other states as well). Now this loophole exists because, in the words of Doug Stanhope as he smokes during his stand-up act,

"So that when you watch some faggy Tennessee Williams play, the integrity of the production isn't ruined."

However, Minnesota bars are now having theatrical performances that include the clients. This is indeed the edge of performance art where the entire bar is a stage and all the clientele actors upon that stage. Excelsior to you and your clever stock Minnesota. Put on your best Shakespearean accent and smoke 'em if you got 'em.


Big Blue Monkey said...

Yep, I heard about this on MPR (because I enjoy faggy productions as much as anyone)--some bar calls a particular night "Theater Night", everyone shows up, no one actually acts, and they all get to smoke.

Minnesota Legislators are pissed about this, but they never even bothered to define what theater was, so it is their own damn fault. It would have been simple to have a clause that defined a stage, and the difference between actors and audience, and they didn't. They are threatening not to close the loophole, but to simply act as if they had, and fining bars that are adhering to the letter of the law, if not the spirit. Sounds like a potential law-suit.

Lucy Rhode said...

That made this Minnesotan wince. It has been six weeks since my last lovely fag. I have theatre tickets for Sunday. If there is smoking, I will be forced to spend the evening doing quad stars and lunges in the aisle.