Saturday, March 29, 2008

Elite 8: Caturday

Down to Two Games a Day. How sad.

First up, Xavier vs UCLA. This is an interesting match-up, and I'm biased, as I argued from the day the brackets were announced that UCLA would be the first #1 out of the tournament. Xavier will give them a much tougher match up then the #2 seed (Duke) would have. Both teams are deep, with big men and squirty guards that can step up and win a game. UCLA proved they could win without Darren Collison in the last round (something I didn't think they could prove). Xavier seems to be getting better and better as this tournament goes. I'm picking Xavier, but I don't have any reason to do so. I just think this tournament has one more upset left in it, and I think this is the place. Xavier have the big men to give trouble to Love and Keefe, and the guard play to make plays. It may come down to the last 2 minutes (Xavier being one of the best free throw shooting teams in the country).

Later on, Louisville vs UNC. Again, I fully admit to being contrarion for the sake of it, but I'm taking Louisville here. They are hitting on all cylinders (as is UNC). I think this will be the first real challenge UNC has faced, and if happen to be a team full of talented big men, and quick guards, you may (like Louisville) think that you can win this game, and that's half the battle. Louisville will have to play their best game to keep this close. If they do keep it close, then I'll take Pitino over Williams.

I'm not crazy about picking about 2 #1 seeds going down. I won't do that for the Sunday games.

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Jess said...

I'm boycotting this post for your use of the word "Caturday."