Thursday, March 13, 2008

Questions for Bobby Knight That Won't Make it Past ESPN Interns

So "The General" Booby Knight is now an ESPN commentator, and he's answering YOUR questions! As long as they are questions like, "What's it like to win a National Championship?"

Here are some questions that Bobby Knight should answer:

1. What's is like to shoot your own son? Good?

2. How does it feel to be outcoached by your own disciples?

3. Why do you treat the press like shit on your shoe? What does that achieve?

4. Why were you misunderstood when you told women to lie back and enjoy rape? Were you really comparing losing a game to rape? Have you ever really apologized for that? Why not?

5. Remember when you grabbed your own player by your throat? How come Roy Williams has never done that? Or Coach K? Don't they have equally impressive records when it comes to player graduations?

6. Aren't you basically a huge dick and a bully, who won a couple of championships early in his career, and really didn't do dick after that?

7. When it comes to teaching young men the right way to play, do you think that throwing a chair in anger, or verbally urinating on the press is teaching young men anything?

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