Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanks for Nothing

Washington cut RB Larry Johnson after two games. He lasted longer than another previous All-Pro, Willie Parker. But that isn't saying much.

These signings didn't impress anyone, and for once we were all correct. Big BM, who predicted that Larry Johnson would be in Washington last November, should be relieved that this bad-attitude man is long gone.

Oh, except that I predicted that LJ would take over the starting position by mid-season. He probably could have though. Washington hasn't been able to run the football whatsoever. The new blocking scheme is clearly not in place and the results have been pitiful. With a 17 point lead, Washington was incapable of taking any time off the clock. Clinton is banged up.

The reason that Larry Johnson was cut is that, in the 4th quarter and desperate to grind out a few first downs and ice the victory, he went into the game. On 1st down they ran a zone left to the short side of the field. There was no seam and Larry ran to the sideline (bad) and then ran backwards (worse) and then tried to cut back across the field (vomit). Net result: a ten yard loss, followed shortly by a punt. Gross result: a loss in overtime to a good team.

Washington picked up a Buffaloaf castoff who contributes on special teams to be #3 and promoted RB Williams to be Clinton's backup. While Clinton is already getting dinged up, it really hardly matters who the running backs are. There are no holes to run through.

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