Thursday, September 02, 2010

Michael Silver is Ranking NFL Owners

And the best part is going to be the beginning.  Obviously, we can all hear about how great the Top 5 owners are, and we will, later on in the series.  But the real fun is the bottom half of this shitty barrel of slimy owners, and Silver has great fun putting together the list.

You won't be surprised by Al Davis at #32--at least I'm assuming you aren't surprised.  You've heard of the NFL, right?  But Bud Adams somehow gets all the way up to #24,  Dan Snyder is not in the bottom half at all,  which means there are more bad owners out there than I realized.

Silver tends to focus his critique from a how well-run and organized a franchise is perspective, but even with that caveat, a lot of the quick descriptions Silver whips up shows what the NFLPA is up against in trying to get a new Collective Bargaining Agreement done--a bunch of old, rich, "eccentric" cheapskates whose default expectation is to get things their way.  And seem to be some owners who do not care about their team, or care just enough to get involved, but not enough to actually learn anything from their mistakes.  Fun.

Regardless--enjoyable, insightful looks at owners who you probably don't know much about here.  Enjoy.

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