Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Wish I Wrote That: Fire Joe Morgan Destroys Mitch Albom

I rarely, if ever link to Deadspin, because my understanding is that if you are here at this site, you have already read everything Deadspin had to offer today.

But Ken Tremendous, formerly of Fire Joe Morgan (a fine site, almost 2 years in the grave now) simply crushes a horribly stupid piece written by that dirty midbrow slinger of pablum, Mitch Albom (who also writes about tax policy, which he doesn't understand at all).

I hate shitty writers who win awards, and Mitch Albom has been the King-shit of that Fuck Mountain for quite awhile.  So, please, if you enjoy lengthy angry discourses about craptacular articles about how fantasy baseball is ruining baseball, click here and enjoy.


Andrew Wice said...

Well, yeah. I'll second that emotion.

Andrew Wice said...

The crack of the bat! The smell of the fresh cut lawn. The pitcher glaring from his mound.

All of these cliches are in danger of becoming just hack shorthand bullshit, and that's because of fantasy baseball.