Saturday, September 04, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Really Believe in Favre and Tavaris

Is there any other way to read the trade of Sage Rosenfels?  
I can not pretend to be a big Sage Rosenfels fan.  Like many folks, my most vivid Sage Rosenfels memory is when he led the
Houston Texans from sure victory to a ridiculous loss against the Colts. But I remember him in Miami; I remember him in DC.  At no point does Sage Rosenfels fill you with confidence; at no point in your 16 game quest to the playoffs do you, as a NFL GM say, "God Damn It!  If only we had Sage Rosenfels!"

But he's put up some solid numbers.  And he's definitely out-performed every QB wearing Purple in 2010, including Favre (who the Vikings have been so careful with, you start to wonder just how healthy he is).  

Conventional wisdom says that you don't keep Four Quarterbacks.  Is it crazy to suggest that the conventional wisdom doesn't take into account that you're banking your post-season run on a 41 year old QB?  If any team should have four quarterbacks, it should be the Minnesota Vikings.  But the Vikings say three is enough.

One is the aforementioned 41 year old grandpa Brett Favre; one is Tavaris Jackson, who, if he were cut by the Vikings, probably would not get picked up by any other NFL team (a bad sign, in my mind) and rookie Joe Webb.  There's no room for Sage Rosenfels on that roster?

Apparently, the Vikings think that a 5th Round Pick in 2011 is more valuable than a competent veteran QB. There's no way that will bite them in the ass this year.

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Andrew Wice said...

I'd take Rosenfels over Rex Grossman any day of the week.