Wednesday, September 22, 2010

King of Kong

If you haven't seen the documentary about competitive video gamers King of Kong do yourself a favor. It is absolutely brilliant. Explosively funny, bizarrely compelling and surprisingly moving.

I rewatched King of Kong tonight (instant Netflix you are my best friend). I loved it as much as the first time. This flick is seriously one of my all-time favorites. It centers on the bitter rivalry between Billy Mitchell, the King of the video games since the early 80's, and the against-all-odds upstart Steve Wiebe. You won't believe the intrigue ...

In a complete coincidence, I just learned that Steve Wiebe has reclaimed his Donkey Kong high score. Congratulations, Steve.

While this is certainly not sports related, I felt compelled to chime in. If it leads to some of you freaks watching this film, my work is done. Note: definitely watch the special features and check out controversial Missile Command champ Mr. Awesome. Fucking sui generis.


Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

i heartily second Wice's love of that movie.

You'd never think a Video Game record breaker could be a villain, but Billy Mitchell makes a fine one indeed.

Andrew Wice said...

There are so many choice, revealing moments in this film.

I think the good v. evil angle, while facile, doesn't get to the full depth.

Billy Mitchell trying to hang on to his record through any means is a very human story and transcends (even) Donkey Kong.