Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jerry Jones - Full of Shit

The LA Times has Jerry Jones weighing in on the benefits and possibilities of a new super-stadium in downtown Los Angeles.  Anytime Jerry Jones weighs in on anything, the first question should be, "How does this benefit Jerry?"  The idea that he is an independent onlooker on anything even tangentially related to the NFL is laughable.  And of course, a base that can fill the luxury boxes and add to the revenue sharing in a way that the Minnesota Vikings or Jacksonville Jaguars don't is probably his primary motive.  The Dollar reigns supreme in Jerry's worldview.

And listen, this sort of paragraph deserves a giant asterisk followed by "*Jerry Jones is full of shit."  From the post:  

"Jones said that a multi-use stadium “makes sense” and that he can speak to that better today because of his experiences with his own new stadium."

Jerry's own experiences?  Wherein he convinced the City of Arlington to tax people who came for Six Flags to build his stadium?  The stadium that has no mass-transit options to get to it, and charges $60 to park, because Jerry and the City of Arlington made independent parking lots illegal?   The stadium that cost twice as much to build as predicted?  That experience?  Fuck Jerry Jones, and fuck any news outlet that treats him like an expert on anything but how to steal money from suckers.  You might as well ask the Ghost of P.T. Barnum what he thinks on the matter--you'd probably at least get an honest answer.

(link via Pro Football Talk)


Greg Allbright said...

This is like blaming the politician who doesn't do anything productive but is allowed to stay in office. Frankly, its not his fault, b/c he's not the one voting to keep him there.

The residents of Arlington voted for that stadium bill, and got what they wanted. Now they have to live with it. If you don't like the stadium bill, take up your beef with the 54% of Arlington residents that voted for it. And don't tell me people are stupid and don't know what they are voting on, b/c that many people do know, its just not what you like them or wanted them to do.

We go out to the stadium frequently and don't pay $60, there's much easier and cheaper parking that are in line with the Rangers nearby. The most I've ever paid is $15. If they want to charge the corporate types who own a lot of the seats $60 to park, fine with me.

To your larger point, does it matter if Jerry is full of shit if he's right? Of course the dollar reigns supreme, he's a businessman, and the NFL is a business. Owners, staff, and players all get paid very well b/c of the decisions of people like Jerry. Of course they want a stadium in LA so Pro Football can come back. IT means more revenue. That's what they do, make more money.

There's also no way you can put the fact that Arlington doesn't have mass transit on Jerry. That city has been opposed to DART and the TRE coming to them for years. The original plans had the TRE connecting Dallas and Fort Worth through Arlington but that council opposed it VEHEMENTLY. They didn't want it, and may not ever get it. In fact, the one thing that might have killed stadium plans was for Jerry to push for light rail. WAY to many people are opposed to it in that city, and would have fought against.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I'll still argue, despite Greg's inspired defense, that the vast majority of the people in Arlington are idiots.

As Greg noted, they are proud of their lack of mass transit. I believe it is now the largest city in America with no mass transit.

Do you know how far you have to walk from the Ranger's lots, Greg? Because as I pointed out, the ones closest to the Stadium are $60, and ones a mile away are supposed to be $25 minimum. But I know you are a young athletic man, in the prime of his life--maybe you are parking more than a mile away?

And let's be honest here. I've always hated Jerry Jones and the Cowboys (regardless of ownership), and you have always loved them, right?

But I do suggest you read the comment from an Arlington native in the original post that I linked to. He was directly affected, and as last year, worried about losing his house to developers.

Oh, and Jerry Jones is clearly Pure Evil.

Andrew Wice said...

Secretly I think you are both right.

But more than that, I want you to argue about it with self-righteous Fury. And how about some goddamn swear words?

Greg Allbright said...

I do like Jerry. And I know why you hate him. And that's why I like him even more. I want my sports to be love/hate...if every team were like the Cubs, where everyone loves em', then sports would suck.

And I'm big enough to admit we walk well more than an mile from the Ranger lots. Given the fact that Texas has five of the top ten fattest cities in America, maybe forcing people to walk more is a good thing. Jerry knows this and has secretly implemented a plan to get us all in shape. It makes me love him more.