Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dear MLB 10: The Show Programming Team

I applaud your accuracy in capturing Target Field, months before it opened to the public.  You've even got the skyscrapers in the background right.  It is impressive.

But hey, what the fuck?  I'm playing a season at the Twins, and I have not started like a house on fire, as my version of the Twins is under .500 in late April, but do you really think that would translate to less than 15,000 fans on a weekend game?  

I'm staring at empty seats everywhere in the park, and that, my friends, is ridiculous!  It's outdoor baseball, in Minnesota, for the first time in 30+ years.  I'm sure you have a very complicated programming metric that determines the number of fans in the stands based on record, etc. 

But you should have recognized, and programmed for, a new stadium excitement factor.  It would not have been hard to do--if you've got room to animate the occasional pitch being fouled off and hitting the umpire, you've got enough room to program a special routine for Target Field--the Twins could be 5 games under .500 in April, and it would still be a sell-out.  We are not Atlanta, or Cleveland.  

You fucked that up, and you should fix it.  And hey, while you are at it, maybe you can add our Kestrel?

In general, though, your game is fucking awesome.  

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Andrew Wice said...

Perhaps it is merely an indictment of your unsatisfactory performance, Big BM.

Twins fans are likely objecting to your use of profanity, poor sportsmanship and propensity to play the game wearing only your underpants.