Wednesday, May 26, 2010

USA Roster Set

Bob Bradley took some time off from sunning himself on a rock to announce his 23-Man World Cup Squad.

Looking at the list, I think nothing could have made the argument for "Clint Dempsey will be a striker" better than the rest of the guys we are bringing to South Africa.  Edson Buddle might tear it up in the MLS, but there's a reason he went more than half-a-decade between US National team appearances.  He's this decade's Jason Kreis, and that's probably all that needs to be said.  And really?  Robbie Findley?  I am in disbelief that he is on this team.  I could see making an argument for bringing along a younger player to get a taste of what the Cup is like and ride the bench, but Findley is going to be 25 before the end of the summer--he's not young enough to use a spot like that on.  I thought there was a place for Brian Ching on this roster, and after the way he played against the Czech Republic, I presumed it to be a foregone conclusion.  And I'm not a huge Ching fan, either.  But he simply played better.

Aside from that, no real surprises.  Jose Torres is taking a spot that I thought Robbie Rogers earned with his limited time, but that's not a huge deal.  Neither guy was going to be the difference maker, and with Beasley in too, along with Landon and Dempsey and Holden, Bradley probably felt he had enough wing guys to play with.  Still, I liked Rogers' style.

Like I said last night, unlike your mama, this team wasn't going to be 23 men deep (AWWW, SNAP!).  Sweating the 20th and 21st spots seems a touch silly.  Still--Robbie Findley?

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