Saturday, May 01, 2010

Shanahanigans: Allen (mark 2) & Over the HIll Gang (mark 2)

A pattern is clearly forming for Washington's offense: an emulation of the 1970's "Over the Hill Gang." Every skill position is dominated by a former star signed to a short-term contract.

It's getting ridiculous. Washington just signed veterans Joey Galloway and Bobby Wade, with 24 years experience between the two of them.

Galloway's catches go thirteen (2007) seven (2008) & zero (2009). Bobby Wade has more left in the tank, but there is a reason that he has been a bargain bin journeyman throughout his career.

I don't understand our strategy of creating a team out of used-up, temporary pieces. Although I hope for the best, I worry that my favorite team is being constructed as poorly as Star Wars I: Phantom Menace. And that's just as bad as it can get.


Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I don't stress too much about these signings. I see it as grabbing a bunch of talent, aged and ancient as it may be, to help the youngsters learn how to play the position correctly.

Joey Galloway is old, but he can teach more to Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly than Randel-El ever could. Bobby Wade can play the slot, and with McNabb under center, could have 80 catches. The Drunken Savages have 10 Receivers signed, and I bet they aren't over paying for anyone of them except for Santana Moss. I can live with that.

Andrew Wice said...

I accept your call for calmness. It's the general trend which tastes like bile.

Just to joust, J. Galloway was a pure speed WR, great on a fly or flag but not worth nothing in the middle. And not a technique-guy I'd want influencing the youngbucks. Bobby Wade could indeed be in the slot, but you can't count on him for a catch when it matters. And also ... 80 catches? Really? That would almost double his career-best season.

Ray Savoie said...

If you think the Skins are building a Phantom Menace, I suggest you take a page out of a Bills fan's self-therapy manual and use Madden to make yourself a Phantom Edit.

Ray's 2009 Bills have -

1. LT Jason Peters

2. Starting WRs = Lee Evans and Bryant Johnson (note that Bryant Johnson, for all his mediocrity, is NOT Terrell Owens)

3. An owner named "Ray Savoie," not "Ralph 'oops I crapped my Depends' Wilson."

I could go on, but you get the idea.