Sunday, September 11, 2011

Snyder Drops Lawsuit, Thanks to ME!

Clearly, my super-incisive, take no prisoners, no holds barred, balls to the wall, EXTREME method of bitching about the name celebrating Native American genocide (The Washington Redskins) had the desired effect.

Is Dan Snyder changing the name?  No.  No. No No No No.  That would be disrespectful to football loving Indians everywhere.  But he is dropping his lawsuit against the local paper who he claimed were anti-Semitic went they drew cartoon horns on his photo.

So, YAY!  Dan Snyder has been forced to admit he is a super-sensitive dick about his own cultural/religious understandings of who he is.  It is only a matter of time, right, until he develops that ability to put himself in someone else's place and understand how they feel, right?

"Gosh, these angry, vaguely Burnt Siena colored folks might have a point about how "Redskins" is disrespectful...Burnt Siena isn't really red at all.  It's more of a reddish brown. Then again, it has yet to become a PR disaster, so fuck them.  Besides, I'm sure that "Redskins" honors them, even though they claim it doesn't.  Just like an Injun to not appreciate what us white people gift unto them."

And then he'll pad off, clad in his burgundy pajamas, and figure out ways to make even more money off the generic profile of a Native American man on a football helmet.

Some Native Americans who love Chris Cooley discuss "Black Elk Speaks" before the game.

photo credit:  James A. Parcell-FOR The Washington Post


Andrew Wice said...

She knocked me out
with her Native American thighs

Al said...

Maybe you do have special powers. Have you tried working with a class action lawyer yet? You can use your powers for the greater good.

wites and kapetan said...

Once you become a celebrity where you can enjoy the admiration of the people, you should also be prepared for some critics as well. Looks like Dan Snyder cannot handle these kinds of things that comes with being famous.