Tuesday, September 06, 2011

QB Garrard Last-Second Cut; signed by DC Skins

David Garrard was handed the reins of the Jacksonville Jaguars in rude fashion, so it is appropriate that he have those reins yanked out of his hand during Kickoff Week 2011.

Byron Leftwich, who had led the Jags to the playoffs, was not just demoted but booted off the team in September, 2007. Enter Garrard, who responded with high-quality play. Well, that shit is over.

Outplayed in the preseason and at odds with the locker room, Garrard was not just demoted but booted off the team a handful of days before Week 1. Luke McCown is the new starter (ha!) with Blaine Gabbert waiting in the wings. As I mentioned in my AFC preview, "Jacksonville Jaguars have no future."

However, the future looks bright for David Garrard, as he was picked up off the wire by the DC Skins. Garrard was promptly given a 5-year, $72 million deal and named the immediate starter. Looks like Shanahan has finally acquired the experienced athletic QB he's been looking for all these years!

Part of Garrard's contract contains a clause requiring him to be benched in Week 3, and then sporadically throughout the season. Shanahan's QB-by-committee approach is sure to take the league by storm.

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