Friday, December 03, 2010

Speaking of LeBron James and Larry Gilbert and Charles Pierce

Charles Pierce has had it with Cleveland fans who are whining and crying about how they've been betrayed by a player who went to play for a better team.

I agree, obviously.  I wrote, back when LeBron finally announced his decision, that maybe the fans were getting baited by ownership to ignore these facts:  "Maybe LeBron, in his seven years, expected to have more than 2 teammates (Ilgauskas and Mo Williams) make it to the All-Star Game.  Maybe the average Cavs fan deserves a better overall roster than this.  Maybe, just maybe, the Cavs fans, who had one of the best players in the World over the last half-decade, deserved a team that made a push for a championship in a real way, and didn't blow their salary cap on old men and wash-outs and also-rans.  And you know, hindsight is 20/20, and all that, but LeBron James didn't draft Luke Jackson ahead of Al Jefferson; The Cavs management did.  I guarantee LeBron James didn't trade away the 2005 First Round Draft pick way back in 1997!  Cavs fans don't deserve "cowardly betrayal", fine; they do deserve competent management--that has been sadly lacking, and yet, this team keeps going deep into the playoffs."

If it were a just world, LeBron would not have getting booed as he put the Cavaliers in the hurt locker tonight--it would have been Dan Gilbert, who is a dirty-ass businessman, first class pussy/psycho, and who never bothered to find the secondary All-Star that all great teams have had.  Jordan had his Pippen; Magic had his Kareem (or vice versa); Bird had his McHale.  Who was LeBron's complimentary player in Cleveland?  No one, because Dan Gilbert was a cheap motherfucker.  

Hey Cleveland, get over a great hometown kid who gave you seven years and left only went it became clear that your owner wouldn't give him a real team to play for.  Boo Dan Gilbert, you idiots!

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Andrew Wice said...

True true.

Look back at Wilt vs. Russell.

Even 5 on 5, basketball is a team game first.