Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twins Win in the Ninth--Two Views

Mike Lamb came off the bench to drive in the RBI against Sox closer Papelbon. Those are the barest of facts. With those facts, one could read the game a lot of different ways.

There's Twins Beat Writer, La Velle Neal's take on it:

A lot of things have gone the wrong way for Twins third baseman Mike Lamb lately, such as his batting average and, consequently, his playing time.

Yet he stood in the clubhouse after Friday's 7-6 comeback victory over Boston, his ears ringing from teammates slapping him on the head, hoping his walk-off two-run single in the ninth against one of the best closers in baseball has relit his pilot.

And then there is fatty Patty Reusse:

That ugly fifth gave Boston a 6-5 lead and the Red Sox failed to add on, even with chances against relievers Juan Rincon in the sixth, Dennys Reyes in the eighth and Jesse Crain in the ninth.

Would it matter?

The Twins' last shot appeared to come in the sixth, when third base coach Scott Ullger got Young thrown out at the plate by a hefty margin on Adam Everett's second double.

Yes, the Twins were prepared to achieve the improbable -- losing when Everett, the lightest of hitters, had his annual game with more than one extra-base hit.

They had given away a handful of runs in the field, and they had killed a rally with Ullger's faulty arm-waving, and now Jonathan Papelbon was entering to preserve the victory for the defending champions of North American hardball.

Boy, hard to count all the cheap shots in those few paragraphs. Scotty Ullger made a huge mistake for waving home a speedster on a double in the late innings? Adam Everett had a good game, and he's slagged for it; the bullpen isn't given any credit for it's bend but not break innings, which they probably actually deserve credit for, seeing as they are one of the toughest bullpens in the Majors.

Hey, maybe Reusse is just a dick. Fat and lazy and a dick. Wow. That's some sort of trifecta that is to be proud of, I guess.

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Kaiser said...

I have had several personal encounters with Mssr. Reusse, and can confirm that he is indeed a bit of a dick -- in kind of a curmudgeonly, incontinent old-man kind of a way though..."shrivelled dick"?