Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogger Round Up: Scared Awake Edition

So I was playing a lightweight, somewhat entertaining Indiana Jones/Lara Croft rip-off in "Unchartered", when all of a sudden, for a few minutes, it became a goddamn horror survival game. Goddamnit! I don't rent those for a reason. The rain outside now sounds, to my ears, like the blood of my unlucky neighbors, who have been torn up by Zombie Cretin-Durham graduates (very tricky to tell the difference between living and undead Cretin-Durham graduates. Awwwww, SNAP!)

I should mention that earlier, Miwacar and I put the Champion's League Final through our most expensive computer simulation, and Manchester United will beat Chelsea 6-0. That's right. Of course, that computer simulation was FIFA 2008 on the PS3, and I was playing Manchester United. You may be asking, "Hey, BBM, was this just an opportunity to tell the world that you totally thrashed Miwacar in Video Game soccer?" Good question.

On to our fellow bloggers:

The Fan's Attic praises sportwomanship. I respectfully disagree. This is sportswomanship taken too far. If you can't make it around the bases, your homerun doesn't count. End of story. The other team should not carry you around the bases. Fan's Attic gets misty about the idea; I suspect the other team bet against themselves in Vegas, and are now enjoying a hefty payday.

The Beautiful Game is spreading the word: David Beckham will be on Sesame Street at some point this year. No truth to the rumor he'll use his normal speaking voice to play Elmo's distant English cousin. (He's got a funny voice, is what I'm saying here. High pitched, and squeaky, you see. Am I overexplaining it?)

10,000 Takes wants to know what will become of New Viking's Jared Allen's old KC charity, Marching Mullets. 10,000 Takes seems to think that suburban Twin Citian moms won't be able to handle so many mullets. But I say, keep in mind that many of those accomplished Twin Citians moms are just a generation removed from smalltown hockey towns, and are quite comfortable with big men (or small boys) with huge mullets. I know who should be leading this parade!

I've weighed in on the Sportpocalypse that was Bissinger vs. The Internet (Internet being represented by Will Leitch). Sports Couch Potato has as well (a man who actually has journalistic credits in his near past (though in fairness to ourselves, it should be noted that the IDYFT team has on its staff: a published novelist, a football player who has covered future NFL WR's, a lawyer who has studied labor law, and a guy who edited his High School Yearbook's index)). I particularly like the SCP's last graf:

The blanket indictment of bloggers as hacks reeks of sanctimony. There's a lot of earnest effort being put forth by well-meaning folks who are just as rabid about their sports as Bissinger or Wilbon. While we may not have the journalistic chops or inside access, we most definitely have the fervor. And isn't that what makes us all fans in the first place?

So, finally, we come to something that the Wilbons and Bissengers of the world could never ever give you. Via the comments section of the AV Club (the finest pop culture website ever), the most disturbing jazz/rock/70's Flute Album Cover:

Herbie Mann - Push Push


Miwacar said...

I also got hit so hard once by a safety, Sean Lumpkin who went on to be a starter for the Gophers and then the Falcons, that I lost consciousness briefly and then walked to the wrong side of field when I finally did get up.

Later on in the same game, I hit him in the ribs as he reached up to catch a pass across the middle. Needless to say he didn't catch the ball nor did he get knocked out.

The Fan's Attic said...

Well, I look like a pussy.

interestingly, the word verification for this comment is:

icaediqz. I see dicks.