Friday, May 09, 2008

IDYFT Legitimized By The WWW

When IDYFT started, it was one man in a single-bedroom apartment scrawling his wits on the back of eviction notices. With the invention of the interweb, IDYFT has cleaved to the cutting edge of the technological revolution, repositioning itself for the global market. And at last, IDYFT has been legitimized by the World Wide Web itself, manifested in an otherwise salubrious interview with author Andrew Wice.

The interview, conducted by friend of IDYFT and Phillies fan Alexis Cairns, can be enjoyed in its entirety. It is a treasure chest of shiny delight, and here are highlights:

You also write for the irreverent sports blog, I Dislike Your Favorite Team. What is it about writing for the blog that you enjoy?

I Dislike Your Favorite Team was created by my college roommate. I love sports, especially football. I would trade all this pen and ink to be a professional defensive tackle.

The other contributors are by turns clever, funny and obnoxious. We are dispersed all over the country, and the blog allows us to entertain and ridicule each other as if we were together.

The number of people we've drawn into our reindeer games is shocking. If each one of them were to buy one copy of my novel ...

Recently, you switched from using a pseudonym ("Badcock") to blogging under your real name. Given that I Dislike Your Favorite Team's content -- yours especially -- is not G-rated (one commenter lovingly referred to it as "filthy"), have you had any second thoughts about revealing your identity?

I was convinced by a friend to use my real name because of the startling number of people who visit the site. Self-promotion isn't my strength, so it seemed like an easy way to steer some traffic towards the To The Last Drop website.

As for the nature of my sometimes profane posts, it's nothing that I wouldn't say in person or in one of my novels. My sense of humor has always tilted toward the dark side. That's where all the funny stuff seems to be.


Lucy Rhode said...

The comments were fierce and funny the day I called this site filthy. Good memory. Cheers to you Mr. Andrew Wice.

Andrew Wice said...

Cheers accepted.

p.s. "geri" is Japanese for diarrhea.