Wednesday, May 28, 2008

McHale high on Kevin Love? NOOOOO!

But that's the word from DraftExpress. They actually use the phrase "locked in", as in McHale is locked in on Love as his favorite player. That is no good, man, no good at all.

DraftExpress points out that "many" would consider Love a reach with the #3 pick. I'd amend that to say, "erveryone would consider Love a huge fucking reach. Why on earth would the Timberwolves draft the one position, the absolutely only position at which they have a guaranteed star in the making in power forward Al Jefferson? There isn't a single player starting for the Wolves who could not be potentially replaced by a player in the this draft.

DraftExpress also reported rumors about trading the #3 to Memphis, which would only be moving down two spots. If McHale wants Love, he should be looking to drop about 10 places at least. And even then, I don't see how picking a power forward/ undersized center makes any sense in this draft, not if actually improving the team is the goal.

Of course, this is all anonymous sourcing and rumor-mongering, and with luck, nothing will come of it.


Andrew Wice said...

There's no chance McHale would let the chance to draft a whitey slip.

I've seen dogs locked in love like this before. Someone better get a hose.

Walton's Wisdom said...

Taking Kevin Love with the #3 pick would be absurd, and this is coming from someone who is clearly pro-Love: (

When I wrote my post, I figured Love would be picked in the 13-15 range. I would be downright shocked if McHale actually used his high pick in this way, despite the fact Love is his basketball double (with some Bill Laimbeer mixed in). I know McHale has never been praised for his front office genius, but I would think he would have the common sense to know that he could trade down to the 10-12 range, pick up a proven veteran (which they sorely need) and still nab Love. I'd say that must be his strategy, but I don't think his outspoken admiration for Love is the best approach for getting this type of a deal accomplished.

Jolly Fingers said...

I don't see anyone besides, Rose, Beasley, and maybe Mayo and Gordon to be excited about. Draft one of those wasteoids from Stanford.

Big Blue Monkey said...

I am of two minds on this, and I'll probably blog about that in a bit of detail this weekend, but in general I find myself thinking a) get big dude, it makes Al Jefferson better or b) don't worry about position, get best player.

Of course, it would be nice if a & b were the same dude, but it clearly ain't.

Walton's Wisdom said...

That's why I think that if he's so high on Love he should try to trade down to at least #10 and get something respectable in return. I do think that Love would be a great compliment to Jefferson because he is best suited for the high-post. Like you said, that could free up Al Jeff down low because they would have to respect Love's outside shot.