Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Shameless Plug

Here is a TV interview I did on "The W.V." a local ABQ show. Please enjoy me at your leisure. If there had been time, I would have liked to have talked about the NFL draft and Jason Campbell's transition to yet another offense. But that's show business.


George said...

My, my. Is the development of a sexy voice a graduation requirement for all Macalester men?

Recently on a three hour flight, I had the misfortune of sitting next to one of Tim Pawlenty's admirers. She was chatty but observant enough to read my growing frustration. She apologized for her noise and mentioned that she'd left her book in the terminal.

"No problem," said I. Three books were retrieved from my bag. She snatched the one with the pretty red cover. She kept it, which is a bit poetic, I think.

Big Blue Monkey said...

I'm 8 minutes in, and I've yet to hear Wice's insane giggle. Bullshit!

Andrew Wice said...

That's because I was having a frank discussion of the issues at hand, not whipping your ass in Sega Hockey.

Miwacar said...

Nice blazer. You look like person who write stuff.

Miwacar said...

The Invader Fire Ants are here to take our jobs and drain our community resources. Why don't we just build a wall?

I know what others will say,"...but the Invader Fire Ants do the jobs other ants won't do." That is a crap argument. These ants do jobs that the other ants won't do, because they killed all the other ants!

Even when it was them bears, I knew it was them Invader Fire Ants.

Andrew Wice said...

We're here!
We're clear!
We don't want any more fire ants!

George said...

I trust my moniker and comment did not cause collective anxiety. After all, there is often a mildly ironic current of homophobia on this site, but if I spurred Miwacar to think of bears and Wice to react to Miwacar by altering a Simpson joke, let me assure all IDYFT contributers that George is a woman. Not that my gender should matter. I'm reclaiming a good name worn by a bad man -- sort of like what Eve Ensler did for cunt.

Of course, your bear chatter may be independent of my initial comment.

Miwacar said...

Oh George,

Don't worry your pretty little non-homosexual head. My comment was only in regards to the illegal immigrant status of the fire ants, the gay protagonist of Andrew's book studies. My Simpson's joke was only referring to imig-ants. As for Wice's altered Simpson's joke...I have a sneaking suspicion it has less to do with your perceived homosexuality and more to do with Andrew's real homosexuality.

George said...

Oh Miwacar,

And when will I next hear your voice on my radio?


Andrew Wice said...

George, I figured you was a lady. I was thinking "George Eliot." As for homophobia on IDYFT, I think it's in the same vein as mom jokes and Raiders jokes (the Raiders suck).

Did you know that Macalester "Harvard of the Mississippi" College was recently named as the most GLB-friendly college in the country? True story. And that's why Miwacar's mom insisted that he go to Macalester.