Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's Check In With The NFL Ownership's Twitter Page

As I've mentioned before, it takes some balls for the official mouthpiece of NFL Ownership to Tweet under "NFLLabor", but that's what they do.  Let's see what they are up to this week!

First of all, the NFL would like to remind players that they have only the players salaries in mind when they lock them out over some $1 Billion Dollars.  Seriously.  The owners are attempting to tell players that they will lose money if they don't hand over a billion dollars to the owners.  Well, Jeff Tash is saying that, and the NFL Owners are just quoting Jeff Tash, who is just an NFL lawyer.  Don't fight, NFLPA, because it will cost you money, even though if you just lie down and take the owner's position, it will also cost you money.  It is so nonsensical, it just might work!

The Owners would also like to quote former NFL player Ross Tucker (who?) when he says "18 games could work"

Guess what doesn't make into their article summarizing Tucker's article?  Here's Tucker:

"My biggest concern with the enhanced season is that it is just a temporary fix. A Band-Aid, if you will. Sure, the increased revenue from two extra regular-season games could make the pie big enough that a new collective bargaining agreement gets done in the near term, but does that really solve the problem? What happens five or 10 years from now? Adding more games is a well you can only tap so many times before it goes dry. There still needs to be a better revenue-sharing agreement between the owners for the league to have a long-term sustainable business model that suits both sides."

Keep in mind that "the problem" is that the owners are only making billions and billions of dollars, instead of billions and billions and billions. That, in fact, there is no real problem at all.  The "pie" as Tucker calls it, is already some 8-10 Billion dollars strong, and the owners take almost 2 billion out from before any split, and then get well over 40% of what is left.  That's anywhere from 4 to 6 billion dollars that the ownership is splitting 32 ways.  That's a lot of money, right?  But they want more, and they'll quote Ross Tucker and Jeff Tash in their drive to get more of that pie, even though no one knows or cares who they are.

Fun fact:  Ross Tucker played in the NFL for seven years, which is twice as long as the average NFL player plays.

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