Monday, January 10, 2011

IDYFT Playoff Pick'em: Divisional Round

Well I have some time to wait before my flight out of New Orleans, so I thought I'd slap this down. Only total assholes picked the Seahawks to win, which makes their victory disappointing on a number of levels. However, the victory is probably good for football, as it proves that the automatic seed for divisional winners shouldn't be changed. Fair is fair, even if it benefits a scumbag cheater like Pete Carroll.

This contest is still open to all, and correct picks will be increasing in value through the playoffs. So jump in, it is far from over. If you've made a Long Bomb pick from the regular season it will still be honored.

The standings are tight to start and will only get more heated as we move through the rounds of playoffs. Included are Big Bonus and Bigger Bonus picks from last week, as well as the Long Bomb pick from the beginning of the regular season (a whomping +17).

Standings (AFC & NFC) (Champ) [Long Bomb Champ]
1. Leftnut: 6 pts (Pitt & Saints) (Pittsburgh) [Houston]
2. Big BM: 5 pts (Colts & Pack) (Packers) [Colts]
3. Ryan: 4 pts (Pats & ATL) (Pats) [Packers]
4. MuMan: 3 pts (Pats & Eagles) (Pats) [Saints]
5. Jess: 2 pts (Pats & ATL) (ATL) [Packers]
Adw: 2 pts (Pats & ATL) (Pats) [Jets]

Divisional Round Picks +3
1. Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
3. Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears
4. New York Jets at New England Patriots

Bonus Questions +2
5. Lowest total score?
6. Biggest Blowout?


Muumuuman said...

1. Ravens
2. Packers
3. Da Bearsss
4. Pats
5. Ravens/Steelers
6. Patriots

Andrew Wice said...

1. Steelers
2. Falcons
3. Bears
4. Jets
5. Squawks/Bears
6. Falcons

Ryan said...

1) Pitt
2) Atlanta
3) Bears
4) Patriots
5) Ravens/Steelers
6) Patriots

I hate those picks

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

1. Ravens, if they use Ray Rice right.
2. Packers.
3. Bears
4. Pats
5. Packers/Falacons
6. Bears.

Jess said...

1. Steelers
2. Packers
3. Bears
4. Pats
5. Ravens-Steelers
6. Pats-Jets