Monday, January 03, 2011

Jason Aaron Picks the Playoffs (Part 1, Hopefully)

We've talked to comic book writin' bad-ass Jason Aaron a few times, and recommended some of his work a fair number of times as well.  He's a busy guy, usually writing a couple of ongoing titles at the same time (Scalped is still kicking ass, and he's writing a Wolverine book, too), so I asked him to provide predictions of a sentence or two for the upcoming round of playoffs.  Hopefully, he'll have time in the upcoming weeks to keep this a regular thing for the postseason.  Don't expect him to pick against his Steelers any time soon.

RAVENS AT CHIEFS -- Arrowhead will be rocking, but so will the Ravens D. Chiefs loss though won't dampen what's been an amazing season for them.

SAINTS AT SEAHAWKS -- The beginning of the most improbable run to the Super Bowl in NFL history or three and a half hours of your life you'll never get back? I think you know the answer to that.

PACKERS AT EAGLES -- Definitely the game of the week. A few weeks ago, I was thinking one of these two teams would wind up representing the NFC in Dallas. Neither one's quite as hot as they were then, but still the winner of this will be a very dangerous team down the stretch. I'm leaning toward the Packers, if for  no other reason than that Aaron Rodgers helped power me to victory in fantasy football this year.

JETS AT COLTS -- I can't pick four road teams to win, so I've gotta go with the Colts here. The Jets made for an enjoyable HBO series, but I never bought into the hype that they were an elite team. That offense that looked so scary on paper back in August doesn't really scare anybody now. As a Steelers fan, I knew what the Jets were getting when they so happily scooped up Santonio Holmes. The guy sometimes makes amazing plays. Other times, he just completely disappears. He played big time football in the playoffs during the Steelers last Super Bowl run. If he shows up big here, the Jets can win. But something tells me he won't. Ole's Santonio, like the Jets as a whole, still seems to have some growing up to do.

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