Monday, January 03, 2011

IDYFT NFL Pick'em: And the winner is ...

With no long-bomb bonus question winners from the early season, the IDYFT Pick'em came down to the final week of NFL action.

Final Standings
1. Jess: 76 pts (+4)
2. Ryan: 72 pts (+10)
3. Adw: 71 pts (+4)
4. MuMan: 53 pts (+6)
5. Leftnut: 47 pts (+6)
6. Josh: 46 pts (+5)
7. Big BM: 35 pts (+5)

That marks Jess's third victory in our little pick'em here. Congratulations. Truly.

Jess has already won a copy of my novel To The Last Drop, a To The Last Drop t-shirt, and a random item from my house (it was a Simpsons trivia game that she already had). I was rather hoping to spread the prizes out around the IDYFT community a bit more. But it was not to be.

So Jess, would you like a book from my collection, another random object from my house, or a Mystery Gift? Because I'm pretty cleared of relevant items.

IDYFT Cup Final
1. Chicago Bears = +2
2. Green Bay Packers = +1
3. DC Skins = 0
4. Detroit Lions = -1
5. MN Vikings = -2


Jess said...

Still can't decide if I should be gracious or an asshole. Either way, yay me!

I'm confused as to what the difference would be between another random item from your house and the Mystery Gift, so I shall choose a book. Or whatever the hell you want to send.

Do you need my address?

Andrew Wice said...

By all means, be an asshole. Most of us haven't won once, let alone three times, yet continue to propound our knowledge of the game.

I will send you a book from my collection. I am currently in New Orleans (fuck yeah) so I'll take care of this when I get back.

Ryan said...

Only getting 2nd is the greatest disappointment of my football season.

Andrew Wice said...

Pretty solid run Ryan, and I think you'll be a serious contender for the playoff pick'em.

Especially with only three other people in the contest so far.