Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Possible Transfers to Keep An Eye On

Fellow IDYFT'er miwacar already discussed the biggest transfers in recent/all memory. Speaking with me, he also dismissed the Ronaldo/Paris rumors, with a blithe acceptance of their truth, "They're perfect for each other." I don't think he meant that in a good way.

But let's talk about who Paris will be banging in a couple of years--or if you prefer, up and coming footballers. Fox Soccer Channel reports that both of these guys are in the midst of some serious negotiations with some big league teams.

Eden Dzeko
nationality: Bosnian.
Currently with: Vfl Wolfsburg
Rumored Interested Parties: A clusterfuck: Chelsea, Arsenal, AC Milan, to name a few.

Cachet: He's all of 23, and was named the Footballer of the Year in the top German League, aka The Bundesliga. That happens to be the most underrated national league in Europe, in my opinion--there is fantastic talent playing in Germany--they aren't 3 steps down the ladder from England, Spain and Italy, as say, the French league is. Dzeko put together 26 goals and 10 assists in 32 games. Sounds like a talent ready for the next level.

Examples of skills: (as always, when dealing with European Footballers on YouTube, please be aware of shitty, European dance music added to a perfectly good compilation video).

Yuri Zhirkov (pronounced as something awfully close to Jerk-off)
Nationality: Russian! Really!
currently with: CSKA Moscow
Rumored Interested Parties: Chelsea, Barcelona (kind of)

Cachet: 25 years old, and has the nickname, granted to him by overzealous managers of "The Russian Ronaldhino". No offense to Zhirkov, who I'm sure is a very nifty player, but this nickname strikes me as overloaded and unfair. Like when Man U fans started calling Paul Scholes "The Ginger Pele", but less egregious.

Examples of skills: apparently included in his skill set is diving, and diving in. But regardless, the video suggests a lot of skill. As always: warning: shitty European music used.

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