Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to YouTube, Mrs. Vice President

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Deadspin!

John McCain's super carefully vetted pick for Vice President, Sarah Pallin was a former Sportsreader for a TV station in Alaska, before she moved on to the glory of Mayor of Wasilla. Some loyal Deadspinner found it.

If you haven't seen your presumptive Republican VP choice discussing important sports issues of Alaska yet, here you go:


Lucy Rhode said...

Her reading skills are ______________.

Thanks for posting that! I heard it was out there but couldn't find it.

Do you read the Minnesota Independent? They have some video posted of folks who've been through the raids. The white-haired crafters looks especially dangerous.

The petite 20-something lady reminds me of Wice's Lilah.

Anonymous said...

She is a "Valley Girl"

Andrew Wice said...

Whoa -- all resemblances to any living sportscasters or VP nominees are strictly coincidental.

Go Other Political Group, Go!

Andrew Wice said...

Plus, if you'll remember, Lilah has real purty hair. Not the ol' Alaskan Crude Pipeline there.

Lucy Rhode said...

NO! One of the St. Paul protesters reminds me of Lilah. I have deep affections for Lilah and would never ever confuse her with a Republican who shoots babies out like Pez.

Sarah is Katherine Harris the remix.

Lucy Rhode said...

And now Pez-head Sarah's daughter is popping out her own candy-flavored spawn!

Can it get any better?

Oh yes it can! McCain knew this while vetting her!

Wait! It gets even better! The father of Bristol Palin's Pez is Levi!


Lucy Rhode said...

Women McCain vetted: Lynne Spears, Mrs. Dr. Phil, Kelly Ripa.

Muumuuman said...

Also she may have fired her sisters ex-husband, something to do with him tazering her nephew before the divorce....Good stuff.